Best Tips to Unlock the Power of Masking in Alight Motion Mod APK 2024

Masking On Alight Motion

Unlock the power of masking in Alight Motion Pro to create visually stunning animations and effects. By controlling the visibility of different parts of a layer, you can achieve precise compositions. Alight Motion Pro offers various mask types, including shape masks (rectangle, circle, ellipse, polygon, freehand) and alpha masks (image/video, text). Start by installing the latest version, creating a new project, and importing your media. Utilize the shape, pen, and brush tools for basic masking and explore advanced techniques like mask animations and effects. Practice regularly, use guides for accuracy, keep layers organized, and experiment with real-world examples like cinematic letterbox effects and spotlight text animations to enhance your skills.

Types of Masks in Alight Motion

Following are diffrent types of Masks

Shape Masking

  • Rectangle
  • Circle/Ellipse
  • Polygon
  • Freehand

Alpha Masking

  • Image or Video as Mask
  • Text as Mask

Getting Started

Before diving into masking, ensure you have the latest version of Alight Motion Pro installed on your device. Here’s how to get started:

  • Install and Launch: Get the latest version of Alight Motion Pro from your preferred source and open it.
  • Create a New Project: Start a new project to begin your masking journey.
  • Import Media: Bring in the image or video you want to mask.
  • Select the Media Layer: Choose the media layer in the timeline.
  • Access the Mask Tool: Tap the “Mask” icon (a square with a circle inside) in the toolbar.
  • Choose Your Mask Type: Select from Rectangle, Circle, Polygon, or Freehand.
  • Adjust the Mask: Drag the control points to position and resize the mask as needed.

Basic Masking Techniques

Let’s start with the basics. Alight Motion offers several tools for creating masks:

Shape Tool

  • Select Shape: Tap on the “+” icon, then “Shape” to choose a shape.
  • Draw Shape: Draw the shape on the screen where you want the mask to appear.
  • Adjust Size: Drag the points of the shape to adjust its size and position.

Pen Tool

  • Select Pen Tool: Tap on the “+” icon, then “Pen” to activate the Pen tool.
  • Create Path: Click points to create a custom path for your mask.
  • Adjust Path: Tap and drag on points to adjust the path’s shape.

Brush Tool

  • Select Brush Tool: Tap on the “+” icon, then “Brush” to use the Brush tool.
  • Paint Mask: Use your finger or stylus to paint the mask onto the layer.
  • Adjust Brush Settings: Change brush size and hardness for precise masking.

Layer Mask

  • Layer Properties: Tap on the layer you want to mask to open its properties.
  • Add Mask: Scroll down and tap “Add Mask.”
  • Choose Mask Type: Select “Shape” or “Path” to create a mask directly on the layer.

Advanced Masking Techniques

Now that you’ve grasped the basics let’s explore some advanced masking techniques:

Mask Animations

  • Keyframes: Move the playhead to a specific frame.
  • Adjust Mask: Modify the mask shape or position.
  • Create Keyframe: Tap the keyframe icon to set a keyframe for the mask.
  • Animate: Move to another frame, adjust the mask, and set another keyframe. Alight Motion will interpolate the mask between keyframes.

Masking Effects

  • Blurs: Apply a blur effect to a masked area for a focus effect.
  • Color Gradients: Create color gradients within a mask for creative transitions.
  • Feather: Feather the edges of a mask to create smooth transitions.

Alpha Invert Mask

  • Invert Mask: Check the “Alpha Invert” option in the mask properties.
  • Effect: This will make the masked area transparent and the unmasked area visible.

Track Matte

  • Layer Order: Place the layer you want to mask above the layer you want to reveal.
  • Layer Properties: Open the layer properties of the top layer.
  • Track Matte: Set the “Track Matte” to the layer below.
  • Result: The top layer will now be masked by the layer below it.

Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks to use Masking toll to animate your videos more perfectly


The more you experiment, the better you’ll understand masking.

Use Guides

Alight Motion offers grid and snapping guides for precise masking.

Layer Organization

Keep your layers organized for easier masking workflows.

Undo and Redo

Don’t hesitate to undo (Ctrl+Z) if you make a mistake.

Pros & Cons


  • Allows for precise editing and control over specific parts of your video or animation.
  • Enables seamless blending of different elements within a composition.
  • Enhances creativity by enabling complex animations and effects.
  • Can be used to create unique transitions and visual effects.
  • Provides flexibility in adjusting the opacity and visibility of layers.


  • Requires some level of understanding and practice to master effectively.
  • It may be time-consuming, especially when working with intricate details or multiple masks.
  • This can sometimes lead to performance issues on lower-end devices due to processing requirements.
  • Limited options for advanced masking techniques compared to professional software.


Mastering the art of masking in Alight Motion Pro opens up a world of creative possibilities for crafting visually stunning videos and animations. By utilizing shape masks, alpha masks, and various masking tools, you can achieve precise control over your compositions and create detailed effects with ease. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, experimenting with advanced masking techniques like animations and effects can take your projects to the next level. Practice, explore different methods, and don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of what is possible with masking in Alight Motion Pro. Unlock the full potential of your creativity today by delving into the power of masking in this versatile editing tool.

Frequently Ask Question

Masking in Alight Motion Pro allows you to control which parts of a layer are visible, enabling you to create intricate animations and effects.

Yes, you can create custom masks in Alight Motion by using shape tools or drawing your mask shapes.

Yes, you can animate masks in Alight Motion by keyframing the position, size, and shape of the mask over time.

To feather a mask in Alight Motion, adjust the feathering settings within the Mask properties panel.

Yes, you can invert a mask in Alight Motion by selecting the layer with the mask applied and toggling the Invert option within the Mask properties.

Yes, Alight Motion offers various types of masks, such as rectangle masks, ellipse masks, freehand masks, and more.

To delete a mask from a layer in Alight Motion, select the layer with the mask devoted and click on the Delete button within the Mask properties panel.

Masking provides precise control over compositions, allowing you to reveal or conceal elements as desired, enhancing the visual appeal of your videos.